Adventsmarkt Wallisellen 2020

09. Dezember 2021 von 16:00 Uhr - 21:00 Uhr


Whether mulled wine or raclette, jewellery or homemade confectionery - the Walliseller Advent market offers all kinds of handicrafts and culinary delights. The market stalls are run by associations, private individuals and companies from Wallisellen and the surrounding area. The Rieden Male Voice Choir, the Eintracht Wallisellen Music Association and the Glatttal Youth Music will put market visitors in the right musical mood for the Christmas season.


16:00 Uhr                               Market opening

17:00 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr          Samichlaus with the support of the nursery Fugu

18:45 Uhr                               Jugenmusik Glattal

19:15 Uhr                               Musikverein Eintracht

19:50 Uhr                               Männerchor Rieden                

21:00 Uhr                                End of the market

The registration phase for market participants will start in the summer. We will provide information on the website. There will also be a registration form here.

The Advent market was initiated by the Wallisellen neighbourhood promotion. The first edition took place in 2016 on Richtiplatz. After the Neighbourhood Development project was discontinued, the market also took a break. In 2019, the neighbourhood association held it again, this time on the newly designed Signum-Platz.

To get in the mood, here is the Televista report on the Advent Market 2019: Televista




Our sponsors

Our sponsors make it possible for us to hold this market. Thank you very much for your support!

Musical supporting programme

With kind support from

Information for stand owners

After we unfortunately had to cancel the Advent Market 2020 at short notice due to the pandemic, we are going into the planning of this year's market with full vigour and the great hope for a beautiful and successful market. The OC has started planning and has already contacted the municipality for permission. We are planning a market with about 20 stalls and a supporting programme. Father Christmas may also pay a visit to the market, which should attract families in particular.

The market regulations are available here. The most important key points are summarised on our OnePager. (German only)

Contact Advent Market

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